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Central Australian Rare Earths Pty Ltd (“CARE”) Nickel Sulphide

In 2016, the Company funded a drilling programme at the highly prospective Hanns Camp located within CARE's Laverton Project. In doing so, it acquired 50% of the ownership of CARE from Rarus Limited ("Rarus"). Subsequently, in May 2017, the Company acquired the balance of the ownership of CARE, which is now wholly owned by the Company.

CARE holds tenements and has access to mining rights for cobalt, nickel, and rare earth elements in these tenements in Western Australia.

The Laverton Project is located in the 'Eastern Yilgarn Craton Nickel Sulphide Province' in Western Australia that is most notable for hosting the Mount Windarra and South Windarra nickel sulphide deposits located 12km west of the Laverton Project which together produced 8.1 million metric tonnes (Mt) at 1.51% nickel (Ni) between 1974 and 1992. Other more recent discoveries located distally north and south along strike of the Laverton Project include;

·Duketon Mining's Rosie Deposit that has a Mineral Resource estimate of 1.74Mt at 1.7% Ni including a best intercept of 5.2 metres at 9.13% Ni, 1.09% copper (Cu) and 2.22grams/ tonne platinum (Pt) from 599.71 metres down hole
·Rox Resources' Fisher East Project (Mineral Resource 3.6Mt at 2.0% Ni)
·Impact Minerals' Mulga Tank Project which returned a best intercept of 0.25 metres at 3.8% Ni and 0.7% Cu from 212.6 metres down hole

Hanns Camp Nickel / Cobalt Laterites

In September 2017, a 49-hole air core drilling programme was completed across the extent of the known Hanns Camp ultramafic rocks. The drilling targeted a concentration of cobalt and nickel within the lateritic weathering profile. All holes were drilled vertically and drilled to the depth of weathering. A total of 1,915 metres were drilled with an average depth of 39m.

23 of the 49 holes drilled intersected mineralisation. Nickel equivalent grades were calculated on the following parameters: Ni equivalent (NiEq.) calculations based on a Nickel price of US$ 5.35 / lb and a cobalt price of US$ 27.1 / lb.

The stronger intersections are included below:

                                   • HCAC049: 24m @ 1.05% Ni eq. from 24m (including, 24m @ 0.75% Ni and 16m @ 0.07% Co)

                                   • HCAC048: 24m @ 0.96% Ni eq. from 24m (including, 24m @ 0.72% Ni and 4m @ 0.10% Co)

                                   • HCAC039: 12m @ 1.36% Ni eq. from 16m (including, 12m @ 0.77% Ni and 12m @ 0.14% Co)

                                   • HCAC028: 21m @ 1.24% Ni eq. from 21m (including, 21m @ 0.97% Ni and 21m @ 0.06% Co)

                                   • HCAC025: 16m @ 1.10% Ni eq. from 16m (including, 16m @ 0.78% Ni and 4m @ 0.06% Co)


Hanns Camp Nickel Sulphides

SML have completed extensive reviews on the Hanns Camp ultramafic belts to identify potential nickel sulphide exploration targets. SML has engaged Dr Martin Gole, an internationally recognised expert in ultramafic hosted nickel sulphides to review the exploration potential of the Hanns Camp Project. This initial review was completed in January 2018.

The review identified additional targets within the Hanns Camp Project that was considered to potentially host komatiite lava channel-facies rocks. These targets had nil to only minimal testing by historic exploration. It was planned to test the highest priority target, a magnetic feature under alluvial cover located approximately 7km to the south of Hanns Camp, with a first pass aircore drilling programme.

In 2018, 25 aircore holes totalling 1,290m were drilled at the Hanns Camp South Targets. A 700m x 200m zone of cumulate facies ultramafic lithologies were recognised from the drilling, potentially identifying another komatiite lava channel-facies position prospective for nickel sulphide mineralisation.

Additional targets have been identified at Royal North and Royal South, which both have significant aeromagnetic features that could represent embayment features in the ultramafic and be prospective targets for nickel sulphides.

Key Personnel Delivering CARE

Personnel involved in the CARE project are:

graeme purcell

Graeme Purcell, Senior Exploration Geologist

Graeme is an exploration geologist with more than 20 years’ experience, working with major and junior mining and exploration companies throughout Australia and internationally.  More recently he has been involved in consulting to public and private exploration groups.

Graeme has broad multi-commodity geological experience from generative and grass roots exploration through to resource development projects and is responsible for the management of the Company’s exploration programs.







Nik N

Nikolay Karakashov, Exploration Geologist

Nik is an accomplished exploration geologist with substantial exploration experience, much of which has occurred in Western Australia.