"A profitable producing mineral company actively developing projects prospective for battery materials"

Maintain a balance of cash, near term cash and explorations assets and grow the Company’s value and share price by levering off base cash flows from producing assets to develop resources projects that relate to metals and advanced materials expected to increase in demand and price as a result of the expected bourgeoning of the batteries and electric vehicle markets. This is to be achieved through:

Operating Strategy  -  Self sufficient

As a operator of a magnetite tailings business in the US, the Company, unlike many of its compatriots, has an underlying cash flow. The SML Board has committed to ensuring that corporate overheads, required for a listed company, are maintained within this cash flow and that any share issues are raised for project investment.

Investment Strategy– Three pronged approach to diversified minerals

1.Coal and Bulk Materials- focused on potential projects in this sector that are tied to current contracts and further offtake
                                           arrangements at attractive prices.

2.Advanced Materials-       considering project opportunities in materials where it expects demand to increase over the coming years
                                           (such as Cobalt, Rare Earths, Lithium and Graphite).

3.Metals-                            identify those projects exposed to metals that it expects to have price improvements over the next three
                                           to five years such as Nickel, Copper and Tin/Tungsten.  

This approach has been commenced and is reflected in the Company’s current project portfolio, shown below: